Posted on 04. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Ted Baillieu’s attempt to play catch-up with Labor’s strong investment in science and maths education at schools must be immediately submitted to the independent Victorian Treasury for costings so families have proof the Liberal Party can pay for it, Education Minister Bronwyn Pike said today.

Ms Pike said the Opposition’s plan fell well short of Labor’s record support in the area.

“It is the Brumby Labor Government that has a strong record of investing in science and maths education at Victorian Government schools,” Ms Pike said.

“In July, our Government opened the $20 million John Monash Science School, which is located alongside Monash University in Clayton.

“The cutting-edge specialist science school was the first of its kind in Victoria to specialise in science, maths and technology studies and is underpinned by a unique partnership with Monash University.

“Almost 200 Year 10 students started at the school this year – and it will eventually cater for up to 650 Year 10-12 students who have a passion for science and maths.

“In addition, Labor announced a $90 million Energising Science and Mathematics Education Strategy in August 2009, which included $46 million to fund 200 specialist maths and science teaching and learning coaches at our schools.

“It included $12 million to build three new state-of-the-art specialist science centres in Ballarat, Geelong and Heidelberg and $7.6 million to attract high-performing science and maths graduates through the Teach for Australia program.

“There was also $400,000 in science and maths awards and scholarships to recognise the best performing schools in this important field of study.”

Ms Pike said Mr Baillieu must immediately submit his science and maths plan, along with the rest of his election promises, to the independent Victorian Treasury for costing.

“Victorian families will be disappointed that Mr Baillieu is making promise after promise that he can’t keep,” Ms Pike said.

“When it comes to education, Victorians simply can’t trust the Liberal Party and Mr Baillieu.

“After all, when Ted Baillieu was president of the Liberal Party, the Liberal Government sacked more than 9000 teachers and school staff and closed down 300 schools across the State.”

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