Posted on 26. Oct, 2010 in Clayton Update

Dear Sir / Madam,

It’s very easy for liberal Gordon Rich-Phillips to offer criticism by using a simplistic ‘Letter to the Editor’ where there is no scrutiny on his comments and offering no promises.

Earlier this year I invited him to nominate against me and start doing some hard work for the residents in the electorate of Clayton but I doubt he has visited even though his upper house seat covers this area.

We are just weeks away from an important election here in Victoria where the Brumby Labor Government is focused on providing services to make Victoria a great place to live, work and raise a family. Unfortunately, the Liberal Party has not yet had the decency to present their policies to the voters and their costings to Treasury for consideration.

There are many projects in every electorate that need funding. Every issue in itself is important but proper planning and budgetary processes need to be followed and prioritised.

Last week the Premier announced that a re-elected Labor Government will invest $250 million to build a Children’s Centre at Monash Medical. This has taken 4 years of hard work by dedicated staff at the hospital and I am proud to be able to deliver this for our children and grand children.

Perhaps Clayton electorate residents could ask Mr Rich-Phillips why, as one of their Upper House Members of Parliament he has forgotten to write to them over the past many years to offer alternative policies.

Yours faithfully,

Hong Lim MP

Member for Clayton

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