Posted on 01. Oct, 2010 in Victoria

The Brumby Labor Government’s ongoing push to increase and promote community safety took another step forward today with the launch of Community Safety Month by Police and Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron.

“This month there will be a host of activities, including Fire Action Week, and a range of events by Victoria Police and emergency services within local communities to get people thinking about how they can be prepared and stay safe,” Mr Cameron said.

“It is about not only being aware, but being prepared to respond to an emergency such as a fire, or putting into action simple things which could prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

“Safety is something all of us can play a part in – which is why our government has provided record funding to our emergency services and put more police on the beat than ever before, giving those police tough new powers and delivering another 1,966 to the frontline over the next five years.

“That investment in our police services alone has seen a drop in overall crime across the state of 30 per cent since 2000-01 and we are committed to continuing to work with our emergency services to meet future challenges across Victoria.

“We also encourage local communities, organisations and individuals to also play their part in doing what they can to build strong, respectful and resilient communities which all contributes to a safer overall society.”

Mr Cameron said recent steps taken by the Brumby Labor Government to help keep communities safer included:

  • Introducing Australia’s toughest weapons laws including random searches;
  • Introducing and doubling on-the-spot penalties for being drunk and disorderly;
  • Introducing and extending laws to ban troublemakers from entertainment precincts, and;
  • Investing more than ever before in emergency services equipment, buildings and personnel to help them keep communities safe in times of need such as fire and flood.


Mr Cameron said Victorians could feel confident that the Brumby Labor Government, police, and emergency services such as CFA and VICSES were working with the community help keep people safe.

“I encourage everyone to take part in local events for Community Safety Month, and learn more about what you can do to protect yourself, your family and your property,” he said.

The centrepiece event of the month is Community Safety Day on 24 October 2010, at Collins Landing in Docklands, Melbourne. Involved on the day will be Victoria Police, the fire and emergency services, and other agencies with responsibility for community safety.

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