Posted on 03. Nov, 2010 in Clayton Update

The Brumby Labor Government has the plans, the vision and energy to keep jobs coming to Victoria and lead for the times ahead, Member for Clayton Hong Lim said today.

“We offer Victorians strong leadership for the times ahead,” Mr Lim said.

“Through the Brumby Labor Government’s strong economic leadership, Victoria is Australia’s jobs engine room.

“John Brumby and Labor are determined to keep the jobs coming to Victoria.

“This will be a tough election. We face a negative Opposition – big on problems, but small on solutions.

“But we will put forward a positive vision for Victoria’s future.

“And we will have our policies fully costed by the Independent Victorian Treasury. Ted Baillieu, just like Tony Abbott, refuses to have his policies costed by the Independent Victorian Treasury.

“We will keep the jobs coming.  Our opponents will cut jobs.”

Mr Lim said the global economic recovery was fragile, as shown in the Unites States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

“To keep the jobs coming we need to keep our budget strong. Our AAA rating is secure and there are Budget surpluses locked in for the next four years,” he said.

“We cannot risk the Victorian economy with an invisible shadow treasurer or Mr Baillieu who has never had to budget for anything in his life.”

Mr Lim said more Victorians were having families again and we must give our children the very best start in life.

“That’s why the Brumby Labor Government will keep employing more teachers, keep building or upgrading schools across Victoria – and it’s why we will make sure our children are learning skills for life,” he said.

Mr Lim said the Government was committed to continuing building a world-class health system and investing in vital infrastructure across the State.

“Over 1,000 Victorians are turning 65 every week, we needed to keep investing in our hospitals,” he said.

“Our Government has employed nearly 11,000 new nurses and we are building hospitals across the State; like the Box Hill Hospital, the Bendigo Hospital, the Parkville Comprehensive Cancer Centre and the new Monash Children’s.

“More people are moving to regional Victoria, so out Government will keep driving new jobs and new opportunities in our regions like we’re doing through the $631 million Regional Blueprint, Ready for Tomorrow.

“There are 150 new homes being completed in Victoria every day and we are supporting that by delivering the biggest building program in our history – road and rail, hospitals and schools.”

Mr Lim said the Brumby Labor Government would not compromise on safety.

“We will deliver 1,966 additional front line police – the biggest one-off boost to police in the State’s history,” he said.

The Brumby Labor Government is also taking the lead on tackling climate change.

“We want Victoria to lead by example – with the world grappling with the threat of climate change we’re bringing forward the closure of Hazelwood Power Station and harnessing solar, wind and other renewables,” he said.

“We support the new jobs and a future powered by renewable energy. Our opponents do not.

“We support the new jobs and a future in which Victoria is at the centre of the National Broadband Network. Our opponents do not.

“We will over the next four weeks, present our positive vision for Victoria’s future – a vision that will ensure that Victoria remains the place that we would all rather be,” Mr Lim said.

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