Posted on 24. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, Greening Victoria

The Victorian Greens Political Party is imploding as infighting reveals they have no real plans for action on Hazelwood Power Station.

Minister for Energy and Resources Peter Batchelor said the true nature of the Greens Political Party had been revealed today with the dumping of Greens candidate Cheryl Wragg for telling the real truth about the party’s energy policy.

“Self appointed Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber has been ruthless in disendorsing Greens Candidate for Eastern Victoria Cheryl Wragg for being honest about the Greens energy policy,” he said.

“It is an absolute joke that Ms Wragg has been dumped by the party for rightly pointing out that the Greens policy is not to close Hazelwood within four years.

“The Greens are duping many Victorians on their plans for Hazelwood.

“Victorians have a right to know what they are voting for on Saturday and Mr Barber should come clean on what the Greens actual policy for Hazelwood is?

“The Liberals won’t say what they will do with Hazelwood, while the Greens are in complete disarray about what their actual policy is. Clearly Labor is the only party with a clear achievable plan for Hazelwood that will balance protecting jobs with transitioning Victoria to cleaner energy sources.

“If Victorians vote for any party other than Labor this Saturday they jeopardise any real action being taken on climate change and Hazelwood.”

Cheryl Wragg on ABC radio today –


Cheryl Wragg: It’s just that the Greens’ energy spokesperson in Mr Greg Barber is not supporting the Greens’ energy policy. And instead of him being taken to task about that I have been. So I guess that makes me probably the first candidate in I don’t know, perhaps political history… who has gone out and publicly supported the endorsed policy of her party, and then been disendorsed for that.


And –


Cheryl Wragg: I come from an energy background, I have a deep interest in the whole matter, and there has been concern across the various people in the (Greens) Party who know about energy policy that Mr Barber who has been out promoting things that are simply unachievable, its not possible to close down Hazelwood power station in four years, it is not possible to replace its base load generating capacity with renewables, and no it is not possible to meet the problems of peak demands by more photo voltaics, they’re simply inappropriate, they’re simplistic, and they’re technically incompetent answers

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