Posted on 11. May, 2010 in Clayton Update

“Surely Liberal MP Gordon Rich-Phillips has better things to do rather than to launch a personal attack” Clayton MP Hong Lim responded to Leader News this week.     

“This just proves once again that the Liberal Party is not focused on developing policy for the Victorian electorate. If he was really interested in the interests of the constituents of Clayton, then he should nominate as their candidate. I challenge him to step up,” Mr Lim said. 

“To question my ‘values’, criticize my language usage and decide that I am not suitable as an elected representative of a diverse and multicultural electorate like Clayton is most patronizing, culturally insensitive, insulting, condescending and racist in the extreme.”

“Such cultural and political gate-keeping mentality has no place in a modern, diverse and democratic Australia and should be confined to the gold rush colonial era of Victoria.”

“Hansard records all my Members Statements which are on many varied topics. My statements speak on local issues such as the Clayton Community Festival, the Knight Street Pedestrian Crossing, Westall Railway Station upgrade, schools visits and just recently on policing in Clayton. I also speak on most Bills that come before the Assembly and these are all on my website, click www.honglimmp.com  click on Archive and then click on Speeches.”

‘The fact of the matter is that despite the Global Financial Crisis, Melbourne has been resilient compared to most other places around the world. Victoria is a diverse, confident and an innovative State. The economy is strong; our quality of life is great and enviably we are the intellectual, cultural and sporting capital of Australia. Victoria is renowned for its prosperity, liveability and sustainability and you have to give credit when it is due. Apparently Mr. Rich-Phillips believes that it is best to knock rather than make a positive contribution.”

“John Brumby, firstly as Treasurer in the Bracks government and now Premier has played a huge role in shaping our State. Close to 100,000 jobs have been created in Victoria during the past year!”

“Clayton electorate residents are fully aware of the Brumby Government’s funding of services which I support. These include: 


  • Southern Health funding increase from $268 million to $698 million 99/00 – 09/10
  • Boosting Nurse Numbers from 1360 in 1999 to 3777 in 2009
  • Monash Medical $4 million for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Monash Medical $4.8 million Pregnancy Assessment Unit
  • Monash Medical $2 million Children’s Facility Planning & Development
  • Monash Medical $4.15 million Paediatric Intensive Care Services                        
  • Monash Medical $10 million Emergency Department Redevelopment

The 2010 Budget just announced has provided a further:

  • $10.987 million for expansion of existing paediatric services at Monash which includes
  • $250,000 funding for refurbishment of the Ronald McDonald House family room

Public Transport: 

  • $153 million funding for the rebuilding of the Westall station and extra track between Springvale and Centre Road for increased services and 80+ extra car park spaces

The 2010 Budget has provided further funding for this station to be upgraded to Premium status meaning staffing from first to last train.

  • Provided 160 additional weekly train services since 1999
  • Huntingdale Station car park has been extended
  • A new SmartBus along Springvale Road travelling between Chelsea to Airport West  
  • A SmartBus along Warrigal Road services Mordialloc to Altona
  • A SmartBus along North Road from Huntingdale to Rowville
  • Extended bus services – evenings and on weekends 


  • $9.5 million to replace the old Springvale Police Station  with a new state of the art Police Station
  • Boosting police numbers from 9,347 in 1999 to over 11,000 with a budgeted increase to more than 13,000 by June 2015


  • $36.5 million invested in government schools ($15 million provided by the federal government for projects delivered by the state government)

Children’s Services – recent announcements 

  • 100,000 Kanooka Childcare Centre
  • 35,000 Norman Fischer (Kallay Street) Kindergarten


  • $200,000 Springvale Reserve Newcomen Road


  • $24 million for the South Road extension
  • Millions have been invested in roads throughout the electorate
  • $426,000 Knight Street / Centre Road Pedestrian Crossing


  • $157 million to build the Synchrotron – creating 2500 indirect and direct jobs                                                

“The State Government also contributed $8.1 million towards the new Clayton Community Centre in Monash and $1 million contribution to the new Clarinda Community Centre in Kingston.”

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