Posted on 28. Apr, 2010 in Clayton Update

Member for Clayton, Hong Lim, has welcomed a Brumby Labor Government announcement to add an extra 1,966 police across Victoria in the biggest single boost to police numbers in the state’s history.

“We are deploying an additional 1,700 officers to front-line policing as well as freeing up an additional 266 police officers to be redeployed to other operational roles,” Mr Lim said.

“This rollout will start this year and will see Labor increase the number of police in Victoria by over 3,500 sworn police since 1999.”

Mr Lim said that under the Labor Government’s plan, to be funded in the upcoming Budget, the Chief Commissioner of Police would allocate the extra resources based on their operational need.

As part of the boost to the force, 266 sworn police would be moved from desk-bound jobs, such as call taking and dispatch in regional areas, into frontline roles, with new jobs for public servants backfilling these positions.

Mr Lim said that a 7.48 per cent increase in the numbers of police in Monash since 1999 highlighted the Labor Government’s commitment to investing in increased police numbers across Victoria. 

“Not only have we seen a 7.48 per cent increase in police numbers in Monash, we’ve also seen a decrease in crime of 29.2 per cent over this time,” Mr Lim said.

Mr Lim said that the Labor Government has been working with Victoria Police to crack down on crime such as drunken and disorderly behaviour, hoon driving and graffiti, to help keep communities safe. 

 “Since we introduced tough new laws in late 2009, a total of 15 $234 fines have been handed out to troublemakers in Monash,” Mr Lim said. 

“Hoon drivers have also been targeted in Monash, with 327 drivers joining over 10,000 others across the state in having their cars impounded by police.

“We have also rebuilt or refurbished more than 160 police stations and residences as part of a $450 million police station building program – the largest in the state’s history.”

Mr Lim said that the Labor Government had invested in the new Springvale Police Station in the Clayton Electorate, built in 2006 and costing $9.7 million. 

“When Labor promises new police, Labor delivers. Since 1999, we have promised and then delivered 1400 new police and currently adding more than 470 more to the force,” said Mr Lim.

“This is in stark contract to the Victorian Opposition, who, when Ted Baillieu was party president, promised 1,000 new police but actually cut 800.

“Only Labor can be trusted to deliver new police to Victoria – and today’s announcement reaffirms that.”

Watch the Premier’s announcement:- http://www.alpvictoria.com.au/News-and-Media/Police/News/1966-additional-frontline-police-.html

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