Posted on 27. Oct, 2010 in News

There will be 270 new police vehicles delivered to the force as part of the Brumby Labor Government’s commitment to deliver 1,966 extra frontline officers, Police Minister James Merlino said today.

Mr Merlino said this was in addition to a record investment in new police vehicles that is currently delivering 300 new and upgraded vehicles, with 100 extra new cars already on the streets and the last of the 200 replacement divisional vans to be delivered within months.

“These extra police vehicles will support the record boost to police numbers funded and being delivered by the Brumby Labor Government to help keep communities safer,” Mr Merlino said.

Mr Merlino visited the Victoria Police Transport Branch in Brunswick to inspect progress on the rollout of the new replacement divisional vans destined for police officers across the state.

“The expansion of the police fleet, including 100 extra cars and 200 replacement divisional vans, is about boosting Victoria Police’s presence on our streets and helping officers keep Victorians safe,” he said.

“Over the past 12 months, the Victoria Police Transit Branch has delivered 100 extra police vehicles and the majority of 200 high-tech replacement divisional vans to frontline officers across the state.

“These additional and replacement cars are not only putting more police vehicles on the streets, they will also increase the safety and capabilities of police officers using them.

“Victoria Police members provided significant input into the vehicle design to ensure the new divisional vehicles met the operational needs of today’s officers.”

Some of the features of the new van include:

  • Increased storage space for operational equipment
  • Video monitoring and recording of detainees
  • Two-way communication between front cabin and rear pod
  • Dampeners on pod doors to prevent detainees kicking doors open and injuring members


Mr Merlino said the new divisional vans were one of a range of measures to be rolled out across Victoria to help keep the community safe.

“This year, the Brumby Labor Government committed funding in the State Budget to put an extra 1,966 frontline police on the beat across Victoria to drive down crime even further,” he said.

“This has seen the biggest recruitment campaign in the history of Victoria Police in order to attract the best of the best to boost the policing frontline with the single biggest boost to police numbers ever in Victoria.

“But putting more police on the beat means there needs to also be extra equipment, resources, buildings and new vehicles and we are providing those vehicles and a record Victoria Police budget of $2 billion to deliver on our commitment of helping police drive crime down further.”

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