Posted on 20. Aug, 2010 in News

Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson today warned Facebook users to watch out for a viral scam circulating on the social networking site.

The scam invites users to install a ‘Dislike’ button that looks similar to the popular ‘Like’ function by clicking on a link.

However, the link installs a malicious application enabling scammers to access the user’s profile and personal details.

Mr Robinson advised Victorians that there was no ‘Dislike’ version of the ‘Like’ function that Facebook users can use to show their support for the comments, pictures and other content shared by their friends on the site.

“The Brumby Labor Government is standing up for Victorians by making sure they know there are risks when they are chatting, working and playing online and giving them the support and advice they need to protect themselves,” he said.

“Online social networking can make keeping up with friends and family more fun and more convenient, but it also provides fraudsters with many new opportunities to try and scam you.

“Internet scams often look and sound genuine.  But don’t be fooled – be aware that tricksters are out there, trying to capture your personal information and contacts lists to bombard you with spam.”

Mr Robinson said taking a few simple precautions would reduce the risk of being scammed online:

  • Research any online service or online application you are interested in to ensure it is legitimate;
  • Delete unsolicited and suspicious emails or requests and contacts through social networking sites.  Don’t click on any links provided as this could install rogue software; and
  • Install up-to-date computer privacy protection software


For more information about scams, visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website www.consumer.vic.gov.au

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