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A re-elected Brumby Labor Government will invest a further $4 million to create more green open spaces for the community of Kingston that will be linked by shared trails as part of the vision to create a “chain of parks” from Moorabbin to Springvale.

As part of the investment, the Government and the City of Kingston would also upgrade community sporting facilities as new open spaces are created to help promote healthy outdoor activities.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Gavin Jennings said the $4 million investment builds on $960,000 in funds for the Kingston Green Wedge to commence the first stage of the “chain of parks” trails and secure the future of the Kingston Green Wedge.

Mr Jennings joined Member for Mordialloc, Janice Munt, Member for Clayton, Hong Lim, and Member for Bentleigh, Rob Hudson, to announce the plans that will benefit families living around the Kingston Green wedge.

“The Brumby Labor Government understands how important open spaces and sporting facilities are to people living along the Kingston Green Wedge which is why we are providing funding to upgrade them and connect them through a shared walking and cycling trail,” Mr Jennings said.

Mr Jennings said the future planning of the Kingston Green Wedge would be secured through $300,000 in funding and a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Brumby Labor Government and the City of Kingston to develop a Kingston Green Wedge Management Plan.

Ms Munt said a $660,000 grant to the Kingston Council had been approved for the first stage of a trail that connects Moorabbin’s Karkarook Park and Braeside Park.

“In addition, a re-elected Brumby Labor Government will allocate $2.5 million to complete a long term plan to link other parks in the Green Wedge,” Ms Munt said.

“The trails will connect communities to open space and create opportunities for people to get out on bikes and on foot to enjoy the parks, playgrounds and sporting fields.

“A re-elected Brumby Labor Government will also invest $1.5 million through the City of Kingston to upgrade sports facilities as new park areas are created.”

Accompanying the Memorandum of Understanding, the Government has released a summary document Creating a Shared Vision for a Sustainable Kingston Green Wedge, which will inform local residents about the range of measures being proposed to achieve long term open space and strategic planning objectives.

“The challenge is to plan for the long term rehabilitation of land areas into green open spaces that at present are being used by businesses in the extractive and waste management industries,” Mr Lim said.

‘Please contact me office for a copy of the booklet”.

The Minister for Planning Justin Madden has approved an interim local policy to discourage the establishment of additional materials recycling facilities in the Green Wedge. The policy has been introduced into the Kingston Planning Scheme to cover the period needed to prepare and consult on the Kingston Green Wedge Management Plan.

Mr Hudson said the funding for the trail and sporting facilities was a significant step forward toward the concept of a “chain of parks” through the Kingston Green Wedge.

“This ongoing planning will ensure we are improving access to open space and sporting facilities for today’s families but also protecting the areas for future green open spaces as they become available at the end of sand mining and tip activities,” Mr Hudson said.

Ms Munt said a Kingston Green Wedge Task Force would lead the effort to develop a long term agreed vision that would, amongst other issues, address the challenge of large scale land use change.

“The $300,000 funding will assist with land use and economic feasibility studies, vision and engagement strategies and implementation costs,” she said.

“The work of this Taskforce will support the development of the Kingston Green Wedge Management Plan, which will be prepared by the City of Kingston in close consultation with local communities.”

A copy of the booklet can be obatined by contacting the office on 9543 6081 or via email using the contact icon at the top of the web page.

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