Posted on 18. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

The Coalition’s announcement on funding for non-government schools contains a $45 million black hole the Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike said today.

Ms Pike said the commitment to begin funding from the start of 2011 means that $45 million promised will have to be cut from other areas of the current State budget.

“To find an additional $45 million for non-government schools means from the start of the next school year the Coalition will have to cut that amount from other areas such as government schools, hospitals, police or transport.

“Labor’s package is fully costed and budgeted for and is guaranteed to flow from the next financial year. We will deliver what we promise.

“The Coalition’s policy is financial trickery and hasn’t been properly costed or budgeted for.

“This promise cannot be trusted until Ted Baillieu tells Victorians where the money is coming from for over $12 billion of promises. It is another reason why he needs to submit his announcements for costing by the independent Treasury.”

Ms Pike said that Labor’s $199.7m funding package for non-government schools which was released last week meant that a future Brumby Labor government will deliver the independent and Catholic schools sector three times the level of funding compared to when Labor came to office.

Ms Pike said the Victorian Labor Government had increased the amount of money provided to students in non-government schools, with recent funding targeted towards support for students with a disability and those from a disadvantaged background.

“Our commitment builds on the Non-Government Schools Funding Agreement signed last year that saw a record $2.1 billion delivered to non-government schools over four years and will provide a guaranteed funding stream for schools into the future.” 

A $194.7 million investment will bring the funding per student in the non-government school system to 25 per cent of the cost of educating a student in a government school.  This provides a guaranteed funding stream as Labor will establish an ongoing 25 per cent linkage for Catholic and independent schools. Labor will also provide $5 million towards professional development opportunities for teachers and principals from needy non-government schools.

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