Posted on 15. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, Victoria

Victorian families will have access to even better health facilities and more hospital beds under a $746 million health boost from a future Brumby Labor Government.

Premier of Victoria John Brumby, today unveiled Labor’s Let’s keep building hospitals policy.

“To rise to the challenge of over 1000 Victorians turning 65 every week, we need to keep building a world-class health system, like we’re doing with the redevelopment of the Box Hill Hospital, the new Bendigo Hospital Project and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Parkville,” Mr Brumby said.

“Victorians expect and deserve the best health facilities no matter where they live and that’s why we will continue to make significant investments in our health system.

“That’s why we are renovating, rebuilding or extending more than 100 public hospitals across the State and that’s what a future Labor Government will continue to do.

Mr Brumby said a future Labor Government will build or open an extra 941 beds in hospitals across the State. They will be delivered through new health capital projects, our $1.5 billion Let’s keep putting patients first policy, and the $900 million COAG health agreement.

“Our plan for the future means Victorian families will receive the high-quality care from hardworking doctors, nurses and other health professionals in facilities that rival the best in the world.

“This builds on the record $7.5 billion we have spent building and redeveloping the State’s hospitals – the largest health capital program in the State’s history.”

Mr Brumby said expanding our hospitals meant increasing services and beds, so more Victorians could receive the care they needed.

“We have already announced $250 million to build a new Monash Children’s Centre to support the needs of families in Melbourne’s south east,” he said.

“A future Labor Government will also provide significant funding to expand some of our busiest hospitals – Maroondah, Angliss, Frankston and Casey – to ensure they can continue meeting the growing demand for services.

“As more families are moving to Geelong’s southern suburbs, we will invest $85 million to build a new hospital, as well as provide $80 million to expand the existing Geelong Hospital.”

Mr Brumby said a future Labor Government would provide a $120 million medical equipment fund that would support new technology for health services.

“As part of this fund, we will invest in the State’s first publicly funded mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine for rural families in South-West Victoria,” he said.

“The MRI scans patients for different illnesses and diseases such as cancer.

“It will be the first State Government-funded mobile MRI for regional Victoria and will mean people living in rural towns in Victoria’s south-west won’t have to travel to access the equipment.”

A future Brumby Labor Government will deliver:

  • $250 million for the new  Monash Children’s Centre;
  • $85 million for a new Southern Suburbs Hospital for Geelong;
  • $80 million to expand Geelong Hospital, adding 64 new beds, new operating theatres and an outpatient building;
  • $50 million for Frankston Hospital, to rebuild and increase the capacity of the emergency department, and build an additional 32-bed inpatient ward;
  • $45 million to expand Angliss Hospital, with 29 additional beds;
  • $30 million for Casey Hospital to expand theatre capacity, adding an extra surgical operating theatre and an additional 30-bed surgical ward to support the care of patients post surgery;
  • $30 million to redevelop Maroondah Hospital, providing a 16-bed critical care unit, with an extra six beds, an additional 54 inpatient beds and 12 day oncology chairs;
  • $11 million towards a new Northern Health Academic and Research Precinct to train healthcare workers;
  • $10 million for a new Ballarat Base Hospital Helipad;
  • $20 million to redevelop Doutta Galla Community Health Service;
  • $8 million to rebuild Western Region Dental Health Centre in Footscray;
  • $2 million for chemotherapy chairs and further planning works at Seymour District Memorial Hospital;
  • $5 million for new accommodation for students and visiting specialists, and a new allied health centre in Bairnsdale; and
  • $120 million for a medical equipment fund to deliver new technologies and innovation to health services across Victoria. It will include the first publicly-funded brachytherapy equipment to treat prostate cancer in Western Melbourne, and Australia’s first Cyberknife to more accurately treat tumours.

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