Posted on 23. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Cost of election promises so far (including savings):

Party Output cost so far Capital cost so far
Coalition $6.82 billion $6.99 billion
Labor $3.79 billion $3.80 billion


Ted Baillieu has spent $13.81 billion worth of taxpayers’ money in an uncosted and unaffordable spending spree that would put Victoria into deficit.

Treasurer John Lenders said Mr Baillieu needed to tell Victorians where the money was coming from for his uncosted election promises.

“Don’t be sucked in by Mr Baillieu’s budget black hole,” Mr Lenders said.

“Just like Tony Abbott, Mr Baillieu is refusing to submit his election promises to the independent Treasury for costing.

“Where is the money coming from?  Mr Baillieu is already ripping up his election promises as he realises he’s spending too much money.

“This isn’t monopoly money – its taxpayer’s money and Mr Baillieu is refusing to tell Victorians how much of it he has spent so far.

“If Ted Baillieu thinks running the state and managing Victoria’s $45 billion budget is just a game he cannot be trusted. 

“Victorians would be alarmed at the lack of detail and risk posed by Mr Baillieu’s uncosted and unaffordable spending spree.

“Mr Baillieu is deliberately and arrogantly withholding the truth about his uncosted promises.

“Our AAA rated Budget and surpluses have not happened by accident. They have happened because our Government has fought hard for them and because we are determined to keep delivering disciplined financial management.

“As the Treasurer of this State, I cannot simply watch Mr Baillieu spend taxpayers’ money like this and put the AAA rated Victorian Budget into the red.”

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