Posted on 27. Oct, 2010 in News

Ted Baillieu’s MPs and candidates have been caught out making more than $7 billion more uncosted promises to their electorates in a reckless vote-buying spending spree in the lead-up to the State Election.

Treasurer John Lenders said Mr Baillieu had made $3.3 billion worth of promises, his shadow ministers had made $17 billion and his backbench MPs had made $7 billion more but none of them were going to be submitted to the independent Victorian Treasury for costing.

“Just like Tony Abbott, Mr Baillieu has refused to submit his election promises to the independent Victorian Treasury for costing and his election commitments are not worth the paper they are written on,” Mr Lenders said.

“Mr Baillieu’s backbenchers have led local communities to believe they are going to deliver local projects from schools, to hospitals, to roads.

“Mr Baillieu is a weak man who doesn’t have the spine to ensure financial discipline in his backbenchers.

“This is now a leadership issue for Mr Baillieu.  Will Mr Baillieu be strong enough to instruct his backbenchers to be honest and say these promises will not be honoured?

“Mr Baillieu made a $285 million mistake in his costings at the last election so for Victorians to have any faith that his policies can be delivered he needs to have them independently costed by the Victorian Treasury and then released to the public.”

Mr Lenders said Mr Baillieu’s team had been calling on the government to deliver on many of these projects and they have been leading their local communities to believe that they will be delivered by Mr Baillieu.

“If Mr Baillieu is going to deliver on these promises he needs to cost them first and then have his costings examined by the independent Victorian Treasury as we are doing,” Mr Lenders said.

“Mr Baillieu has never had to budget for anything before which is why he is afraid to reveal his costings to the public. Mr Baillieu is planning on using the same excuses for not having his policies costed by the Treasury as Tony Abbott earlier this year did and no doubt thinks he’ll get away with it.”

Mr Lenders said the Brumby Labor Government would be calling on each Opposition MP to rule in or out the ever expanding list of uncosted promises being made in their electorates.

“If Mr Baillieu doesn’t agree with the costings of his election promises I have released he can have them verified by submitting them to the Victorian Treasury for independent costing,” Mr Lenders said.

Copies of the 826 pages of promises made by Baillieu’s backbench are available from the Treasurer’s Office.

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