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Ted Baillieu’s has revealed his water policy is nothing more than praying for rain after saying Victorians won’t need the desalination plant, Water Minister Tim Holding said today.

Mr Baillieu promised to build a desalination plant if he was elected at the last election but yesterday was reported as saying the desalination plant would be redundant if recent rainfall continued.

Mr Holding said Ted Baillieu is delusional if he thinks that a few weeks of good rain means Victoria doesn’t need the desalination plant.

“If elected in November, Ted Baillieu will be nothing more than a pray for rain Premier,” Mr Holding said.

“He has now said we shouldn’t take water from the north-south pipeline and we don’t need the desalination plant.

“Scrapping these projects would mean keeping households on tough water restrictions and starving our rivers of water and that is no way to manage water in Victoria.

“So, what is Ted Baillieu’s plan to provide Victorian households with enough water?

“While we know all the projects he is against, Victorians are still to hear what he would do if he won the upcoming election.”

Mr Holding said relying solely on dams and storages in the future would see Victorians coming on and off water restrictions for years to come and run the real risk of running out of water as our population grows.  

“If 13 years of drought has taught us anything it’s that we can’t rely on water falling from the sky to fill our dams year after year,” Mr Holding said.

“The Brumby Labor Government took the tough decisions, as our water storage levels fell, to build the north-south pipeline and the desalination plant so that households and businesses didn’t run out of water.

“The reason the Government can ease water restrictions with confidence is that we know we have a guaranteed supply of water by turning sea water into drinking water.”

Construction of the desalination plant is on schedule and from the end of next year the project  can supply around 150 billion litres of water regardless of rainfall for Melbourne, Geelong and towns in Western Port and South Gippsland.

Liberal Party Commentary on Building a desalination plant:

“We’ll build a desalination plant.” Ted Baillieu November 2006.

“Just get on with building a desalination plant now.” Louise Asher 13/02/2007

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