Posted on 18. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu must end his weakness on costing his election policies and come clean on the size of the Budget black hole he is hiding, the Treasurer, John Lenders, said today.

Mr Lenders said Mr Baillieu had taken public scrutiny of his financial management to a new low, by:

  • Failing to release funding tables with his policy announcements;
  • Failing to release policy documents with his election promises;
  • Failing to say which firm would cost the Opposition’s policies and refusing to detail what costing process Opposition policies would be subjected to; and
  • Weakly hiding the Shadow Treasurer from a number of media appearances, public debates and public scrutiny.


Mr Lenders said in stark contrast to Mr Baillieu’s comprehensive failure to tell Victorians where the money is coming from for his election promises, the Brumby Labor Government:

  • Had already submitted more than 80 policy announcements to the Department of Treasury;
  • Had received Treasury approval of 20 policy announcements so far; and
  • Would submit every policy we have announced so far for costing by the independent Victorian Treasury this week with potentially a small number early next week as they are announced, allowing Treasury sufficient time to cost all policy announcements before the State Election.


“Mr Baillieu’s weakness is now a massive risk to Victorians and our AAA rated budget,” Mr Lenders said.

“Victorians will have absolutely no idea whether any of Mr Baillieu’s election announcements can ever be delivered.

“Mr Baillieu who lectures everyone else on accountability has taken the issue of accountability to a new low. Mr Baillieu has weakly refused to release to the public all of his policy documents, his funding tables or any details of how his policies will be paid for.

“Mr Baillieu has continually refused to tell the Victorian public how much his election promises will cost.

“Mr Baillieu is refusing to submit his policies for costing by the independent Victorian Treasury because just like Tony Abbott, Mr Baillieu is hiding a massive budget black hole.

“This is Mr Baillieu’s weakness writ large. Victorians can have no confidence in Mr Baillieu who is too weak to subject his election policies to proper scrutiny. Mr Baillieu has never had to budget for anything before – and it shows in this election.”

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