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Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu must come clean and declare how he will pay for the billions of dollars of election promises he has made in this week alone.

Treasurer John Lenders said Mr Baillieu was treating Victorians with contempt by making promises with billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, but refusing to say how he would pay for them.

This week alone, the Opposition has promised, but refused to say how it will pay for:

  • More than $2 billion worth of uncosted tax cuts for home buyers (Kim Wells, Herald Sun, 10 September, 2010);
  • Billions for a new rail line in Melbourne (Terry Mulder, Metropolitan Transport forum, 8 September, 2010);
  • $5 million for Mildura Hospital (Peter Ryan, 8 September, 2010)
  • $130 million for the Kilmore-Wallan Road (Mr Baillieu, 7 September, 2010); and
  • $630 million for the Bendigo Hospital today.


“Mr Baillieu won’t tell Victorians where all the money is coming from, because he has never had to worry about where the money is coming from,” Mr Lenders said.

“Mr Baillieu has promised more than $4 billion in taxpayers’ money this week alone – but is refusing to tell taxpayers how he will pay for it.

“Mr Baillieu needs to understand these are taxpayers’ dollars – and taxpayers deserve answers about where the money is coming from.

“Victorians know what happens when Liberals make promises they cannot keep – they punish families by cutting services and shutting down vital hospitals, schools and police stations – just as they did under the previous Kennett government.

“Just like Tony Abbott, Ted Baillieu has refused to release his policy costings and Victorians won’t be fooled by a lazy Opposition who think money grows on trees.

“While we have the strongest budget of any State with healthy surpluses and a AAA credit rating, our budget will not survive a Baillieu spending spree, meaning the Opposition’s Bendigo Hospital project will never be delivered.”

Contrary to Mr Baillieu’s cynical uncosted political promises, the Brumby Labor Government is already delivering a fully costed Bendigo Hospital, after investing $473 million in the last State Budget – on top of the $55 million Stage One delivered in the 2009 State Budget.

“Unlike Mr Baillieu’s cruel hoax we already have a $473 million plan to redevelop the Bendigo Hospital that is fully-costed, fully-funded and will be delivered,” Mr Lenders said.

Health Minister Daniel Andrews said Bendigo residents would not be fooled by the Liberal Party which closed hospitals in regional Victoria and now suddenly expects Victorians will believe their election promises to upgrade and protect country hospitals.

“The Brumby Labor Government’s Bendigo Hospital redevelopment will mean cancer patients in the region will be able to access an additional linear accelerator to treat an additional 400 patients a year,” Mr Andrews said.

“It will also include 18 additional oncology chairs for chemotherapy patients, which will more than triple the current number of chairs.

“The new Bendigo hospital will be able to treat more than 1000 radiotherapy patients per year by 2016. This means more patients will be able to access care closer to home and their families.”

Mr Andrews said that the last time the Liberal Party made promises they could not keep, Mr Baillieu was Liberal Party president and the government slashed health services across Victoria, closing 12 hospitals:

  • Koroit (closed 1993)
  • Macarthur (closed 1993)
  • Clunes (closed 1994)
  • Elmore (closed 1994)
  • Mortlake (closed 1994)
  • Lismore (closed 1995)
  • Beeac (closed 1995)
  • Birregurra (closed 1995)
  • Altona (closed 1996)
  • Mordialloc (closed 1996)
  • Burwood (closed 1996)
  • Essendon (closed 1998)

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