Posted on 19. Aug, 2010 in News

Ted Baillieu has decided to back Tony Abbott’s policy to scrap the National Broadband Network instead of backing the more than 700 permanent full time jobs that will be based in the hub of the NBN to be built in Melbourne.

Treasurer John Lenders said when Mr Baillieu was asked on radio yesterday whether he supported the NBN he had shown himself to be a weak lightweight that refuses to stand up to Tony Abbott even when Victoria’s jobs are on the line.

“Ted Baillieu and Tony Abbott are set to be the biggest job killers since the Global Financial Crisis,” Mr Lenders said.

“They don’t understand need for high speed internet and they have no idea how important the NBN is for Victoria’s future prosperity.”

Speaking on 3WM radio yesterday Mr Baillieu admitted he was happy to scrap the NBN even though Melbourne had been chosen to host its operations centre, describing the NBN as ‘very expensive’ and doubting that the NBN was the right technology for the future in a rambling interview that revealed his lack of understanding of Victoria’s thriving ICT sector and total disregard for Victorian jobs.

Mr Lenders said the embarrassing interview showed Mr Baillieu was against the NBN even though it will connect 231 Victorian towns and cities to high speed broadband, would deliver the biggest Victorian jobs boost for years and would start a prosperous new phase for Victoria’s economy building on Victoria’s agricultural, mining, manufacturing and services sectors.

“Yesterday Mr Baillieu had ample opportunity to back Victoria’s NBN jobs and simply failed to do so using a range of reasons not to deliver the NBN at all,” Mr Lenders said.

“Only Julia Gillard and John Brumby will ensure the National Broadband Network is delivered with more than 700 jobs to be based at Melbourne’s national operations centre.

“If Ted Baillieu won’t stand up to Tony Abbott to protect hundreds of Victorian jobs – what exactly does he stand for?”

Mr Lenders said unlike Tony Abbott and Ted Baillieu the Brumby Labor Government would continue to fight for Victorian jobs no matter who won the federal election this weekend.

“You can count on Labor to fight for jobs especially when times get tough,” Mr Lenders said.

“Victorians have the opportunity to tell the Liberal and National Parties that high speed broadband is important to them this weekend.”

Mr Lenders encouraged Victoria’s Facebook users to show their support for Victoria’s NBN jobs by joining the Premier’s campaign at

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