Posted on 26. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu must explain why he has turned his back on public schools, by failing to fund his own election promises and massively underfunding school building, the Minister for Education, Bronwyn Pike, said today.

“Mr Baillieu is no friend of Victorian government schools,” Ms Pike said.

“Not only has Mr Baillieu broken millions of dollars of election promises to schools, he has refused to match Labor’s $1.7 billion school building program for the next four years.

“Mr Baillieu should apologise to each and every school community he has turned his back on.”

Ms Pike said Mr Baillieu had failed to deliver a single cent to the “$8 million to upgrade Bendigo Senior Secondary College” he had promised on 15 November.

“Mr Baillieu has broken millions of dollars worth of education promises before he is even elected,” Ms Pike said.

“We should be teaching our kids that promises have to be kept but Mr Baillieu’s education shemozzle shows that the Opposition is just not up to the job.

“Clearly Mr Baillieu made more promises than he can afford and ditched promised school projects around the State.

“Education is the Brumby Labor Government’s number one priority.  That’s why we are committing $1.7 billion for 70 school projects to build better schools and help our kids reach their potential.

“Mr Baillieu is only willing to spend a paltry $257.7 million on Victoria’s school kids despite promising millions more.”

Ms Pike said Mr Baillieu had also committed “$32.7 million over four years in community language schools” on 6 November yet he had only funded $12 million of that promise.

On 10 October he said he would allocate $350,000 to the Bairnsdale Youth Centre and had delivered nothing. On 21 July he had promised $50,000 per year to the Bendigo Discovery Science and Technology Centre and had failed to deliver anything for that promise too.

The Minister for Early Childhood, Maxine Morand, said a future Labor Government would deliver $141.5 million for kinders and kids while Mr Baillieu offered just $31.4 million.

“Every Victorian kid deserves the best start in life but Mr Baillieu has let young families down with his failure to deliver a decent kindergarten policy,” Ms Morand said.

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