Posted on 04. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Dear Electors,Labor’s aim has always been to make Victoria not only the best place to live in Australia, but also the fairest.

I am proud of what has been achieved, but there is more to be done. I wanted to email you personally today to let you know a future Brumby Labor Government will commit a further $493.5 million to Victoria’s most vulnerable.

John Brumby Talks about Fairer Victoria

We will build on our strong investment in respect and inclusion, by taking action to ensure people with a disability can live actively and independently in the community.

In addition, Labor will provide increased support for the amazing 140,000 Victorian men and women who care for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

This package is designed to give Victoria’s older carers peace of mind for the future of their loved ones.

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http://www.alpvictoria.com.au/policies/a-fairer-victoria/We launched A Fairer Victoria in 2005 to help make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged Victorians. Every year since, we have added to that commitment. Today’s announcement is the next instalment.

Victoria has the strongest finances of any state and we want to invest in vital services for the most vulnerable Victorians.

We have invested over $6 billion as part of A Fairer Victoria, but there is more we want to do – and more we can do.

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John Brumby
Premier of Victoria

Please visit:- http://alpvictoria.com.au/labortv/

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