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The Brumby Government and water authorities will provide Victorian gardeners with 50,000 free water efficient trigger nozzles for their garden hose in exchange for their old twist nozzles.

From Saturday, 5 June, 2010, the free trigger nozzles will be available from more than 50 accredited Water Saver Garden Centres, with a limit of two trigger nozzles per household.

Water Minister Tim Holding said the free trigger nozzle giveaway follows the overwhelming popularity of a program to provide 14,000 trigger nozzles to mark the introduction of Stage 3 water restrictions in April this year. 

“The last time we did this, nurseries and garden centres were overwhelmed by the response so we have made another 50,000 trigger nozzles available,” Mr Holding said.

“This is the biggest trigger nozzle exchange we have ever done. These will go like hotcakes – we strongly advise people to get in early.”

Stage 3 water restrictions allow gardens to be watered for two hours every second day and a 50 per cent increase in watering for public gardens and sportsgrounds.

Mr Holding said while gardeners have more flexibility about when they can use water under Stage 3 water restrictions it is vital that they continue to use water efficiently.

“Victorian households have demonstrated that it is possible to have a beautiful garden even with water restrictions in place,” he said.

All Victorian households are required to have a trigger nozzle fitted to their hose when watering their gardens which allows water to be released only when necessary.

Yarra Valley Water Managing Director and Target 155 Spokesperson Tony Kelly said the free trigger nozzles were a reward for Victorian gardeners’ ongoing water saving efforts. 

“With garden watering making up almost 20 per cent of average household water use, trigger nozzles are an easy way to deliver water right where it’s needed, to achieve Target 155 and to ensure you’re in line with current water restrictions,” Mr Kelly said.

“We have also supplied regional water authorities with trigger nozzles to ensure all Victorians can take part and reduce their water use in such a simple way.”

Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria’s Chief Executive Officer Steven Potts said the easing of restrictions had helped nurseries and households.

“Victorians have done a fantastic job picking up water-wise gardening practices. With the added flexibility under Stage 3 restrictions, we expect more and more people to get back into the garden and down to the local garden centre to talk to the experts,” Mr Potts said.

For details on where to get a free water efficient trigger nozzle visit www.ourwater.vic.gov.au or http://www.ourwater.vic.gov.au/saving/home/gardening/garden-centres or call your local water authority.

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