Posted on 30. Aug, 2010 in Greening Victoria

Planning Minister Justin Madden today announced $2.5 million over four years to continue the protection and management of green wedges across Melbourne.

Mr Madden said the funding would enable strategic planning for green wedges including identifying features and values to be protected, objectives and actions for sustainable management, education programs and grants for councils to help landholders and community groups with land management.

“Melbourne’s green wedges and hinterland are a vital part of ensuring our city is sustainable and retains the natural environment we all enjoy,” Mr Madden said.

“Green wedges contain rural landscapes, conservation areas and cultural heritage sites as well as important natural resources and agriculture. 

“The Brumby Labor Government remains committed to protecting and enhancing these natural assets to ensure they are preserved for future generations. 

“Despite the expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary, 93 per cent of green wedge land remains protected.

“Now that the Urban Growth Boundary has been revised councils can progress and finalise their green wedge management plans with certainty as to what land will be developed and what will be kept as green wedge.”

Mr Madden said today’s funding included:

  • $1.3 million to strengthen green wedge policy and delivery, and to help councils develop, update and implement their green wedge management plans;
  • $400,000 in grants for councils with completed green wedge management plans to implement those plans. Councils will be invited to apply for that funding;
  • $200,000 for a campaign to work with local landholders, business and the community to promote, educate and encourage support for Melbourne’s green wedges;
  • $220,000 to monitor and report on the condition of the green wedges;
  • $215,000 to review and implement green wedge planning provisions ensuring planning controls deliver the intent of the planning policy; and
  • $165,000 to develop a long-term statewide strategic vision to identify green wedge assets and opportunities and ensure land is managed sustainably.


Mr Madden said some of Melbourne’s most significant public infrastructure was located in green wedge areas.

“The Hinterland of Melbourne and green wedges play an increasingly important role for recreation, tourism, agriculture, and protection of our natural and cultural environment,” he said.

“While recent changes to the Urban Growth Boundary were necessary to free up land and accommodate growth it is also vital to retain our green wedges and enhance their value.”

For further information please visit www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning.

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