Posted on 28. Oct, 2010 in News

A re-elected Labor Government will deliver $1 million in grants to support Victoria’s ethnic and multicultural media to continue to reach diverse communities, Premier John Brumby announced today.

Mr Brumby said if re-elected, a Labor Government would invest in a new grants program that would be open to ethnic and multicultural media organisations in Victoria to upgrade their facilities and purchase new technology and other equipment needed to fulfil their important roles.

“We understand Victorians are proud of our rich cultural diversity and heritage,” Mr Brumby said.

“Victorians come from more than 200 nations, speak over 200 languages and follow more than 120 faiths – our State is one of the great multicultural communities of the world.

“Our Government has a proud record of supporting our great multicultural society and our support for ethnic and multicultural organisations continues to grow, but we know that there is always more that can be done.

“That’s why a re-elected Labor Government will invest $1 million to make available new grants to media organisations of diverse and multicultural backgrounds to ensure they the best technology and equipment to continue their important role.”

“Part of Labor’s plan to support our multicultural community is about recognising the importance of ethnic community media – from the role it plays in the settlement process for newly arrived migrants to the information in first language it provides older migrants, to the community connection it provides to all.”

More than 700 volunteers produce over 600 hours of programming each week in approximately 100 languages with the involvement of 28 community radio stations across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria, reaching out to more than 700,000 Victorians.

The number of long-term licensed stations in Victoria’s broader community broadcasting sector has increased by about 50 per cent over the past 15 years.

Mr Brumby said more than 40 per cent of Victorians were either born overseas or had a parent who was born overseas. 

“This makes Victoria one of the most culturally diverse places in the world – we have made every effort to build a multicultural and multifaith community that works together to make Victoria the best place to live, work and raise a family,” he said.

“We know that ethnic broadcasting is of critical importance to multicultural communities. 

“This investment is about ensuring that ethnic and multicultural media organisations continue to deliver a high-quality service to our culturally diverse communities.”

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