Tourism Growth

Posted on 11. Nov, 2009 in Speeches

Melbourne has now become Australia’s hottest destination. For the first time more Australians are visiting Victoria for a holiday than Queensland. Therefore I take this opportunity to congratulation the Minister for Tourism and Major Events for a job well done, because it has been under his watch that we have achieved this success.

Data released by Tourism Research Australia shows that New South Wales is still ahead of us, having had 7.2 million domestic visitors in 2008-09, but Victoria had 5.4 million visitors and is ahead of Queensland, which had only 5.1 million. It is clear that during tough economic times Australians’ tastes have shifted toward short breaks to experience Victoria’s cultural activities and away from Queensland’s physical attractions.
Apparently the offer of big events, cultural events, retail, food and wine is considered more attractive than theme parks, Big Pineapples and gee-whiz types of stuff.

It is obvious that the minister’s marketing campaign promoting Victoria’s big events, such as the Spring Racing Carnival and its shops, wineries and culture, have paid off. Marketing has positioned Victoria as the place for the short-stay holiday — the place for a dirty weekend, putting it another way. It is a romantic, cultural and exciting place to visit for a short stay.

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