Knight Street-Centre Road, Clayton: pedestrian crossing

Posted on 08. Dec, 2009 in Speeches

The matter I raise is for the attention of the Minister for Roads and Ports. The action I seek is to entreat the minister to instruct VicRoads to proceed with the installation of the pedestrian light crossing at the corner of Knight Street and Centre Road in my electorate of Clayton as a matter of urgency.
By way of background I reluctantly must share a tragic story with members of the house. On 1 August last year a local grandmother, Anna Tsavasilis, was killed on that Clayton South shopping strip. She was hit by three cars on that notorious stretch of road. Her death has traumatised her family and friends considerably and angered the local residents. They have been asking for, demanding and pleading for the installation of pedestrian crossing lights at that particular spot.

The death of this well-loved and respected lady has spurred the local community, traders, church groups and many other people, including the local media, to pursue this matter with passion. I have received unprecedented representations through emails, phone calls and letters and through meeting these people. Therefore I would like to take this particular occasion to pay tribute to them all, particularly the local paper, which has taken up this cause and is pushing the issue.

Installing that pedestrian crossing would go a long way to enhancing the safety and confidence of residents in the area, but unfortunately VicRoads seems to be dragging its feet a bit. There has been consultation, including with the council, and there have been surveys. The residents were hoping that the lights would have been installed on the anniversary of the death of this lady, which was 1 August this year. Unfortunately this was not the case.

They were all traumatised when reading in the local media that this would probably be happening in mid-2010. That is not acceptable to them. I ask the minister to urge, push and ask VicRoads to install the lights as a matter of urgency as soon as possible, not in mid-2010.

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