Family wants crossing

Posted on 04. Aug, 2009 in Clayton Update

An overwhelming sense of compassion, heartache and determination filled the air at the weekend when the Clayton community rallied in support of the pending Centre Rd pedestrian crossing.

On the first anniversary of grandmother Anna Tsavasilis’ death, her family and friends gathered on Saturday at the Clayton South shopping strip to honour her memory and urge the State Government to move forward with the crossing’s construction.

Mrs Tsavasilis was killed on August 1 last year as she crossed the notorious road and after a hard-fought and passionate battle by the Leader, her family, local traders, Kingston Council and Clayton MP Hong Lim, VicRoads finally confirmed last week construction would begin on the pedestrian-operated traffic lights “in the early months” of next year.

But this timeframe has done little to satisfy the Clayton community, which believes installation by mid-2010 is “too late”.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs Tsavasilis’ daughter-in-law, Olga Tsavasilis, pleaded for the crossing at the corner of Knight St just metres from the Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church to be completed by the busy Easter mass period. “My next and final push is to have this crossing in by Easter when there are so many masses on and so many people attending the church,” she said.

She praised the 30-odd supporters who joined her family on the bitter, wintry morning to join the push for a conclusion to the crossing campaign.

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